conscienceA corporate conscience (or ‘company conscience’) is the sense of right and wrong as demonstrated through the actions of a company, its leadership, its employees and its processes and procedures.

More than just a mission, vision, and set of corporate values, a corporate conscience compels the company and its stakeholders to action. In the context of CSR, corporate conscience must be reflected in and projected through the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategies, workplace giving and sustainability programs, and related initiatives in order to:

  • Improve the quality of life for workers,
  • Support our communities in which we live and work,
  • Sustain our environments, and
  • Govern our companies with integrity.

The difference between a corporate conscience and a company’s corporate values is the compulsion to act. Just as with an individual, a company’s conscience compels it to act, individually and collectively. The reason we reference ‘processes and procedures’ as participants in the demonstration of a corporate conscience is because companies depend upon their operations for survival; therefore those operations must be infused with the conscience of the company wherever possible.