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OUR APPROACH begins with experience and a focus on your needs. We tackle CSR and workplace giving from every angle. We work with companies designing new CSR programs, nonprofits needing to build a workplace giving strategy, and software companies targeting the CSR marketplace.

By the way, do you realize just how many stakeholders there are in CSR activities? Corporate Social Responsibility may start with companies, but it doesn’t stop there. Stakeholders include: companies, employees, leadership, charities, communities, investors, service vendors, governments, etc. Our mission is to help all stakeholders to build and manage programs with purpose. Together, engaging more employees increases the value of everyone’s assets (employees, donors, brand, software, investments, etc.) while producing a positive impact on the communities in which all of us live and work.

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What Our Clients and Colleagues Say

Our Nonprofit Was Stuck

Demand for our services helping veterans keeps growing, but our capacity to meet that demand was constrained. In short, The PTSD Foundation of America was stuck!

Gary Carr came in and helped us identify the constraints impeding our growth. Then he charted a way forward for the Foundation, prioritizing and tackling key areas of operation. His experience in operations, technology and fundraising enable Gary to address complex problems with clear, actionable solutions that make our work easier and more impactful. Thank you, CSR Matters!

Doug Brown, Chairman
The PTSD Foundation of America

Breadth of Experience Rarely Found

I have worked with Gary Carr in a number of capacities over the years. He has always been a strong partner, an innovative leader, and a strategic thinker. His service to the client is always first rate, and effectiveness of fund usage is always a focus of the engagement.

Gary’s breadth of skills and experiences across the CSR industry is rarely found. The knowledge he brings to any relationship and his deep passion for the work makes him an invaluable member of any CSR effort. Gary truly believes that CSR makes the world a better place.

It is important to have the talent and knowledge to make a difference, but energy and passion are what get us to the finish line. Gary takes great pride in helping clients get exactly what they have envisioned and reach a successful finish line.

Lou Nistler, Executive Director (retired)
Combined Federal Campaign, National Capital Area

Strategic CSR program review

At Good Done Great, Fortune 500 corporations are our life – and maximizing their benefits from our CSR SaaS platform is our business. It wasn’t until Steve Greenhalgh created an on-boarding program that took a strategic look at what our client was trying to accomplish with their CSR program that we were able to start realizing our goals.

Steve’s analysis was essential to ensure the product was implemented in a way that not only produced great experiences for users, but also allowed the company to launch new, successful programs. Leading the GDG consulting practice, Steve also created a strategic CSR program review that analyzed and measured the success of the corporations employee engagement programs, producing actionable metrics and recommendations to improve the programs.

David Barach, CEO
Good Done Great

Our Team

Principal, Co-founder

Gary Carr

Favorite charity: Little Sisters of the Poor

LinkedIn profile: linkedin.com/in/gpfcarr

CSRM consulting Gary

I believe that charitable giving is as important to our social fabric as democracy and our First Amendment freedoms. I just wish we talked more about the importance of growing our capacity to give and that we argued less about where we choose to give.

Gary has more than 25 years of experience in the financial services, software, and nonprofit industries. So it may not surprise you that with such a diverse background, much of Gary's career has focused on the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) space. He focuses energies helping business and nonprofit leadership to develop and implement new strategies in a changing CSR landscape. And Gary very much believes that the capacity of giving at the workplace and through tech platforms is significantly underperforming its potential (next time to chat with Gary, ask him why!). He has pioneered important CSR software innovations, including launching the first global giving United Way campaign and architecting the first cloud-based, multi-program CSR platform, while at KindMark.

Recent strategic engagements include:

  • Co-founding Givio, the industry's newest mobile giving platform that puts the interests of the donors first.
  • As CFO and COO at www.RightGift.com in Austin, TX, Gary built out operational capacity while developing new partnerships to extend the RightGift platform into the CSR marketspace.
  • Advised Doctors without Borders through a vendor selection process for its federated, public sector workplace giving program, focusing on the changing expectations of today's workplace donor.
  • Guided The PTSD Foundation of America, (Houston, TX) through a series of complex challenges, including how an increased demand for services was being hindered by operational inefficiencies, resulting in an actionable, prioritized plan.

As a co-founder of CSR Matters with Steve, Gary brings his breadth of financial, software, and charitable giving experiences to the broadest possible market. Areas of interest include:

  • Opening up new giving markets,
  • Next steps in CSR strategic thinking,
  • Exploring the untold stories in CSR, such as the crossroads of faith and CSR,
  • Technology innovation, and
  • Gift disbursement, fiscal controls and accountability (Gary has managed 2 giving foundations).

You can follow these interests via the CSR Matters blog, among other things. Here's a favorite post.

Gary's early career began with nine years at Bank of America and its predecessor banks, where he represented the bank and his community as a torch bearer for the 1996 Olympic Games. Gary is a graduate of the University of Virginia. He lives with his wife and children in Chantilly, Virginia.

Steve is a seasoned consultant whose work has spanned the corporate and nonprofit sectors for more than two decades. With experience that includes CSR leadership, ownership and consulting, Steve brings a unique perspective on integrated CSR and employee engagement strategies. Consulting engagements have served both the corporate and nonprofit markets, with projects addressing: corporate – nonprofit partnerships, employee engagement programs, program assessment, benchmarking and research, strategy development and implementation, and marketing and communications.

Steve’s career includes several leadership positions with both leading corporate and nonprofit organizations. He served as Managing Director, CSR Strategy for Good Done Great, a leading technology provider that also provided strategic consulting services for corporate philanthropic programs. Steve was also an investor in and executive with AmeriGives – the original out-sourced partner to Fortune 500 companies for their employee giving programs.

Steve began his career working for United Way having spent 12 years at both the local and national level. He served as Vice President of Corporate Relations for United Way of America. In that capacity, he worked with more than 400 national corporations to develop and implement their national employee solicitation programs.

He is a graduate of Brigham Young University with a BA degree in Communications and Public Relations and lives with his wife and three daughters in Northern Virginia.

Principal, Co-Founder

Steve Greenhalgh

LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/skgreenhalgh/

Steve Greenhalgh CSR Matters Principal

Our work is most satisfying when we help a client realize their potential, especially now, when CSR holds so much promise for both corporate America and the nonprofits serving our communities.


Brandon Fix

Favorite charity: Tacoma Kidz

LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandonfix/

Brandon Fix Consultant

Today's givers - and especially today's businesses - have completely different expectations when it comes to giving. Most CSR strategies, not to mention the giving platforms, are way behind the curve. I help organizations understand how to skate to where the puck is going.

Brandon's passion for CSR and charitable giving span a diverse and successful career. From ground-breaking work in the CSR software space to supporting one of the largest workplace giving campaigns in the world, Brandon specializes in helping CSR programs of all sizes find and fit the right technology platforms, as well as transforming nonprofit fundraising strategies to adapt to today's newest technologies and donor expectations.

In the early 2000's, Brandon founded Donation Depot, a multi-client CSR giving platform that helped corporate and nonprofit clients raise millions in response to 911. Eventually, Donation Depot was acquired by a public company Kintera in one of the first 'roll ups' of giving software in the industry. And while Brandon and Gary were friends and competitors prior to that acquisition, they teamed up at Kintera when Gary's company, KindMark was also acquired. Brandon and Gary have been working together in one form or fashion ever sense.

Brandon later launched WPG Solutions, his second CSR giving platform. He would partner with competing platform Dotopia to support the Wells Fargo employee workplace giving campaign which raised nearly $100 million annually. Brandon's responsibilities including managing site implementations, processing gift disbursements, and customer support.

Brandon continues to consult with nonprofits and businesses to strategically develop fundraising strategies using the newest giving technologies. Recently, Brandon helped launch the newest mobile giving platform in the market - Givio - a giving experience dedicated to putting the needs of donors first. And by doing just that, Givio is also enjoying adoption as a free workplace giving platform that any business can manage from a phone!

Brandon holds a B.A. in Business from Pacific Lutheran University, where he was a 4-year basketball standout. He has served on the boards of numerous community-based organizations, and has co-founded several charities. He resides in Tacoma, WA with his wife and family.

Debbie has devoted her corporate career to "all things" CSR. Her journey has included serving as Director of Global Community Affairs at a Fortune company and leading Client Services for two CSR software providers. Debbie brings her considerable experience with corporate CSR programs and large scale  engagement projects to CSR Matters as a Principal.

As Debbie puts it: "I was head of CSR before 'Corporate Social Responsibility' was a thing." In her 19 year career with EDS, Debbie managed global events ranging from the JASON Project to the EDS corporate presence at the Olympics. Leading EDS' Global CSR team, and working in concert with Gary Carr while at KindMark (now a CSR Matters Principal as well), Debbie launched the very first global United Way campaign for EDS's more than 100,000 employees worldwide in 2003. Under Debbie's leadership, EDS received the Points of Light Award of Excellence in Corporate Community Service.

First with AmeriGives, then Good Done Great, Debbie led Client Service teams for two growth companies in the CSR software space. When GDG was acquired by leading competitor YourCause, with her strong corporate background, Debbie was instrumental in the operational consolidation of the two companies.

Debbie has served as a Board Member of several nonprofit organizations, including the U.S. Congressional Award for Youth, the JASON Foundation for Education, and Young Audiences of North Texas. She was a volunteer with United Way of Metro Dallas for a number of years, working with funds allocation.

Debbie holds an M.A. in Organizational Communication from Baylor University and a B.A. in Communication and Public Relations from William Jewell College. She resides in Frisco, TX, and loves to travel!


Debbie Snyder

LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/debbie-snyder/

Debbie Snyder CSR Matters Principal

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