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We Turn Corporate Consciences

Into CSR Successes

Social responsibility is a cornerstone to corporate success. It is in the DNA of your company’s brand, whether you realize it or not. The data is in. Companies that have a conscience will outperform those that don’t.

What does a corporate conscience look like? It’s called Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR. And how does CSR impact a company’s brand? For starters, consumers are more likely to buy from companies with a conscience, employees want to work for them, and other companies want to partner with them. So ask yourself this: “How does my company harness its corporate conscience and turn it into brand value?”

This is where we come in. We are CSR experts … practitioners with a long track record of creating, implementing, refining, measuring, auditing and reporting on CSR strategies and programs for companies of all sizes. For example, we can help your company with:

  • Software Evaluation and Selection

  • Employee Engagement

  • Program Evaluations and Strategic Assessments

  • Research and Benchmarking

  • Signature Program Development and Measurement

and much more!

But CSR work doesn’t stop at the corporate door step. Corporate Social Responsibility activities impact many other stakeholders. That is why we work with leading nonprofits, CSR software vendors, corporate boards, trade associations and media organizations … all of whom share a common mission: Working together to meet the needs of neighbors, nonprofits, communities, and our environment, plus the shareholders and investors who stand behind our leading brands.

Got a CSR question? Then please drop us a note for a free consultation … because CSR matters!

Our approach

Why Choose CSR Matters?


We’ve been at this for more than 25 years. We have been part of an industry that has grown from a series of scattered initiatives like United Way campaigns, community grants and cause marketing into the consolidated “conscience” of every company that wants to matter. This experience helps us see past the fads and create programs that will meet the needs of our communities, companies and employees alike.


Corporate Social Responsibility can be as dynamic and complex as the companies it serves. From program assessment to technology vendor evaluations, from employee engagement strategies to B-corp reporting and corporate governance, you need someone who understands and can manage all of the moving pieces.


Whether you’re revamping an existing program or starting from scratch, our approach is built around your corporate personality to deliver results for you and the communities you support.


We’ve seen Corporate Social Responsibility programs work wonders for their owners. If you’re ready to create your own CSR program (or improve what you’ve got), we can help.

Our Services

Program Evaluations

Building a Solution that Meets YOUR Needs

CSR matters - for your community and your brand

CSR Programs to evaluate include:

• Annual workplace giving campaign

Cause campaign                           Matching gifts

• Corporate grants                         • Peer-to-peer giving

• Disaster relief                              • Signature program

• Dollars for doers                          Special events

• Employee engagement              • Volunteer and team grants

• In-kind giving                              • Volunteering

• Loyalty/rewards giving               Year-round giving

Are your CSR programs delivering the results that you envisioned … and that your CEO expects? If not, don’t worry – we can help. It’s what we do – we are CSR experts. And we understand the challenge of connecting the dots – or finding the gaps – between your Corporate Conscience and the measured outcomes that both improve the communities around you and deliver value to your brand.

From program assessments and planning to employee engagement strategies and sustainability initiatives, we’ve got a proven track record for breathing new life into underperforming, even dying, CSR programs. And our Program Evaluation service is a great place to start. With engagements as low as $3,000 for single program evaluation, we can size the work to meet your needs. Service activities and deliverables will be presented in our proprietary Program Evaluation Scorecard, and will include:

  1. Self-assessment questionnaire to baseline performance expectations
  2. Program audit to identify and measure outcomes against goals
  3. Leadership involvement assessment
  4. Benchmarking against peers
  5. Observations, conclusions and recommended next steps

To learn more about a Program Evaluation, see our services page For Companies or just give us a shout.

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CSR Strategic Assessments

From Corporate Conscience to Brand Impact

Every company has a conscience, but not every company knows how to turn that ‘corporate conscience’ into the programs with purpose that will produce the measurable results you need. That’s where we come in. It’s what we do. We are CSR experts. And CSR Strategic Assessments are a specialty of ours.

Ask yourself this: What is the purpose – the mission – behind your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility investment? Is it:

  • Doing good for your community?
  • To help talent recruitment and retention?
  • Establishing a corporate culture that includes ethical and socially responsible behavior?
  • To provide a competitive edge to the sales and marketing teams?
  • Raising brand awareness among consumers?
  • Some combination of these, or all of the above?

Today’s successful companies understand that their CSR investment impacts all of the above.

Our principals have more than 50 years of industry experience in every possible aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility. That is the sort of background required to lead your team through our proprietary 10-point CSR Strategic Assessment, from (a) company values to (b) goals and objectives to (c) the actionable programs you desire … all while incorporating the necessary services, technologies and reporting into your overall CSR strategy.

To learn more about a CSR Strategic Assessment, see our services page For Companies or just give us a shout.

Recalibrating CSR Strategies
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Creating Signature Programs

Defining Your CSR Brand for a New Generation

Yes, CSR really does matter – to customers, shareholders, your employees, the communities in which you work. People want to buy from, work for, and support companies with a conscience, companies that give back. Which is why you need to build a signature program of your own.

This is our speciality, what we do best. We’ll take your key stakeholders through a thorough evaluation to identify the needs and develop solutions that will help define your brand for a generation. We have experience with both domestic and international programs. We can put to work our relationships with key nonprofit players to help you refine your needs, establish new partnerships or strengthen existing ones. Services include:

  • Key stakeholder interviews (including development of the interview if necessary)
  • Develop business requirements from those stakeholder interviews
  • Address cross-discipline impact throughout company (e.g. Marketing, Corporate Communications, HR, etc.)
  • Present innovative options
  • Evaluate options and develop phased approach to implementation
  • Define targets for evaluation post-implementation, feed-back loops, and tactical adjustments
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Employee Engagement

Because Talent Matters

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Every great company focuses on their talent. You cannot build a successful business without high quality employees whom you trust. And let’s be honest – recruiting the talent you need is one challenge, retaining your talent is another.

Employee engagement is critical to your success. And CSR programs can make difference. CSR – practiced well – not only improves the appeal of your brand in the eyes of potential employees, but it helps to establish the bond between employee and employer that can increase worker satisfaction and retention. And what company doesn’t want its employees to be a proud advocate for its brand?

CSR Matters can help with your employee engagement strategies. We often work closely with HR / recruitment / talent leadership to develop the sorts of community-based programs that demonstrate your commitment to the communities and environments in which you work. Show your employees that you care about them not just when they are at work, but about the very communities in which they live. Remember – they spend more time in those communities and neighborhoods than they do at work.

Our employee engagement “engagements” typically include:

  • Surveying stakeholders to assess needs and opportunities
  • Creating volunteer programs, including budgets for match-grants
  • Addressing international needs independently of those in the U.S.
  • Working with HR to measure the impact of programs on employee morale and retention
Research & Reporting

Expert Analysis on CSR Data, Trends and Impact

Every CSR department needs some analytical help from time to time. Whether you want to understand your own programs better, compare yourself to your peers, or dig into a new CSR market, geography or problem, solutions start with data gathering and analysis. Understanding and review of peer data, analysis of CSR program performance, stakeholder surveys, original investigation. We’ve performed this work for a wide variety of brands over the years.

Our work, however, doesn’t stop there. Telling the story is as important as analyzing the data.

CSR Matters can help you design and create reports meeting a variety of needs:

  • Program Evaluations for C-suite review
  • CSR Reports for public consumption
  • B-corp Reporting for compliance and corporate governance

Interested? We’ll need to conduct some scoping and can get you a proposal in as little as 48 hours.

CSR Reporting
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