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Fundraising is the process of gathering voluntary contributions of money or other resources from individuals, businesses, charitable foundations and governments. Best practices in fundraising include developing fundraising strategies, developing donor relationships, event planning, use of technology and software such as for donor data management, and communications and marketing.

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A Principal at CSR Matters, Gary has 25+ years of experience working in Corporate Social Responsibility, including nonprofits, software development and the financial services industries. "It's a labor of love. I have a number of professional interests, and they all intersect with CSR." Over the past several years, he has been actively involved in the acquisition, growth and consolidation of a number of companies in the CSR space, including AmeriGives, Good Done Great, WPG Solutions, and Dexterity Ventures, plus donor advised funds DonateWell and Place2Give. Gary's prior experience includes leadership positions with Bank of America, United Way and KindMark. To learn more about the breadth and depth of Gary's operational, financial and executive experience, please visit