Annual Workplace CampaignA fundraising drive sponsored by companies and other places of work in which employees are asked to contribute to charity. The Annual Workplace Giving Campaign originated with companies supporting local United Ways via an annual, fall fundraising campaign. The primary means of giving was through payroll deduction, enabling a donation to be spread out in equal amounts over the course of the next calendar year. Typically these fundraising drives began after Labor Day and ended around Thanksgiving.

Successful marketing for the Annual Workplace Giving Campaign often centers around communicating the possibilities of the “dollar buy”. In other words, explaining to the employee-donor – via video, poster, or personal appearance – the services that are able to be purchased for $X per pay period.

Today, Annual Workplace Giving Campaigns today commonly support an “open campaign” where employees may give to any legitimate 501c3 charity of their choice. Employees often may give by credit card or other online vehicles such as debit cards, Paypal, etc. Many such campaigns are no longer branded or conducted in support of United Way.