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Small and mid-sized businesses have just as much to gain from CSR program investments as large, Fortune 500 enterprises. CSR investments enhance company reputations and brands, while also improving employee retention and increasing everyone’s quality of life.

Add to that, small businesses are the proven number one source of job creation in this country. Whether supporting Little League through team sponsorships, sending an employee team to clean up a park, or reducing carbon footprints by offering work-from-home policies, SMALL businesses can make a BIG difference in our communities.

13 12, 2017

Why Small Businesses Need CSR

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Small businesses need CSR! Are you eager to improve your fortunes? Do you seek to expand market share, attract bright new recruits, or lure investors?  Would you like to do all of that AND bring hope to others? (If the answer is "Yes!", then keep reading) So why aren't you investing in a Corporate Social Responsibility [...]

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