Workplace Giving Consulting for the American Red Cross


Provide Workplace Giving nonprofit peer benchmarking

Survey company CSR professionals

Develop an updated Workplace Giving strategy


The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering resulting from emergencies. Headquartered in Washington, D.C. and one of the largest charities in the world, the Red Cross depends upon the generosity of both individuals and corporate partners to deliver needed services.


Workplace Giving is an important piece of the Red Cross’s overall fundraising strategy. As companies continue to evolve their Workplace Giving (or Corporate Social Responsibility / CSR) goals and objectives, keeping on top of a changing market is a constant challenge. The Red Cross wanted an independent voice to help them assess their current – as well as develop new – Workplace Giving strategies.


We began by joining the Red Cross Workplace Giving team with a six month engagement. As a member of their team, but on a part-time basis, we were able to take on several important responsibilities that included: (a) peer comparisons with the Workplace Giving efforts at other leading nonprofits, (b) surveys of corporate CSR professionals, (c) provide data-driven analysis of current industry trends, and (c) contribute to the development of an updated Workplace Giving Strategy.

The engagement ended up lasting more than a year, and we scaled the effort to meet changing requirements as we work with the Red Cross team.


Steve Greenhalgh’s experience and informed advice should be a must-have for any nonprofit that takes Workplace Giving seriously.

— Bill Campbell, American Red Cross, Workplace Giving


Unlike some engagements that end with one or more specific deliverables, this engagement ended once the client began executing on their re-freshed Workplace Giving Strategy. Steve was able to advise on a wide range of CSR issues, and help the client raise the effectiveness of giving at the workplace.

We look forward to the opportunity to continue our work with the American Red Cross as their Workplace Giving needs evolve.

Steve Greenhalgh CSR Matters Principal

Steve Greenhalgh
Consulting Engagement Lead

As a Partner and Co-Founder of CSR Matters, Steve and his team help companies create programs with purpose.